Adam J Marsh - Creative Director

About Us

Hi there, I'm Adam J Marsh (that's me to the right), Founder of Moment 2 Moment.

Back in 2016, I was a bored graduate from 16th Street's 18 Month Actor's Program. It brought about a lot of questions like

What do I want to do as artist? Who will give me an opportunity? What kind of stories do I want to tell?

Simply put, it added more kindle to the creative fire deep inside of me, that was sparked in 2010 when I first begun as an actor.

I realised that with so few opportunities in Australia (due to a lacklustre film industry & economy), the only way out was to create my own work.

With that frustration as well as the lack of quality independent film projects in the Melbourne market, I decided to get writing & pick up the camera as both a photographer and as a director.

The first iteration of Moment 2 Moment was run as a collective theatre company, which hosted a fortnightly Open Mic Night for actors at The Dan O'Connell.

The second iteration of Moment 2 Moment is what you see now - a full creative house that is positioned for videography, photography, narrative film & theatre.

Since starting in 2010, I've worked in...

  • over 100 short films
  • acted in 7 plays
  • read over 1000 film scripts
  • written hundreds of short scripts
  • directed 10 film projects
  • worked as cinematographer on over 20 short films
  • worked as an event photographer & wedding 2nd shooter.

Coming from an acting / writing background, into film & photography, it's allowed me to look into this field as an outsider (perhaps like yourself), and stay hungry enough to ask questions / research to constantly learn as much as I can is the key to why I'm still in it.

If there is one important item you should know about the creative world - the key is...


Nothing good gets made by quitters. It is fundamental to creative success, that your vision is more important than the problems that come up. Only that can motivate you enough to overcome the problems that arise, in order to achieve the artistic vision you have set yourself out. But, I can only speak for myself.

I hope that by choosing my business, you'll be able to see the opportunities we can give you, reaping the rewards from the creative drive of our chosen professional partners.

Should you ever have a question, feel free to contact me - night or day at...

  • calling or texting me on 0410 737 457
  • emailing me at

Thank you and best of luck in your hunt for a partner for your creative project.

Adam Marsh,
Creative Director of Moment 2 Moment