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Hi there,
I'm Adam Marsh, Creative Director of Moment 2 Moment Pictorial & Cinematic.

I wanted to take a more personal approach from the rest of my website so that I discuss my approach as a director.

My original foray into professional storytelling started as an actor back in 2010, when I first took adult drama classes at Drama with a Difference. 

Since then, I have graduated from 16th Street's 18 month program, studied at Melbourne Actor's Lab, and worked in over 80 short films, 7 feature plays. 

Having directed for the past two years, I've learned that the secret is...
there is no secret. 

If a director understands the story, and the requirements of actors, then the story will work itself out. This is the what I live by.

As a working cinematographer, I'm also understanding of the visual/filmic elements that enhance the story. Some might call this the work of an auteur, but I simply feel it's a necessary step in order to tell an engaging story.

As a director, I work in a methodical & reductive process

Each step in the development of a work, adds clay to the sculpture. But when it comes down to the last rehearsals & the performance itself, the excess is cast away, leaving only the raw & bloody truth of the characters - and thus, the story. 

Team Building

Film & Theatre are truly collaborative art forms. I believe that the projects that command the greatest success, demand the best team environments. 

From day one, I actively engage and communicate with all attached professionals, asking them the 

Character Research


Underlying Goals & Psychology


Building a Dynamic Connection between Actors


Physicality, Vocals & Costume


Pulling the Story out of the Medium

Theatre, Film & TV are all distinct mediums. You must be willing to adapt to the given medium should you want the best chance of having your story get the attention it deserves. 

Throughout every step of the way, I constantly strive to 

Final Product


I am available & open to all directing opportunities. Should you wish to submit your project to me, please reach me via the form below.

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