Showreel Filming For Actors

 - Shin Hara as 'Dr' in Hypochondriac

- Matthew Ducza as 'Michael' in Hypochondriac

The most important quiver in any actor's bow are their monologues. Without them, no actor can attract an audition or a role, nor demonstrate their talent to any agent or casting director.

Moment 2 Moment offers a premium showreel filming service for actors in Melbourne.

The basic showreel package includes...

  • 1 monologue (1 to 4 minutes) or two-hander (1 to 4 minutes)
  • Professional reader / director with you.
  • 1 fully edited, sound mixed & colour graded HD showreel.
  • Shot on location or in a studio
  • Script material can be either selected by yourself or provided by us.

Filmed by an experienced actor & director, Adam Marsh to read and direct, you'll be in the best hands possible when performing your masterpiece.

On the day, the filming will take place within a hour session. The first 5-10 minutes will be spent warming up vocally, along with Alexander Technique stretches to get rid of any nervous tensions, breathing exercises, as well as a Meisner warmup to get the emotions flowing.

During the filming, you'll generally receive anywhere from 5 to 10 takes depending on the length of the monologue (1 to 4 minutes encouraged). Each take, you'll receive instructions to layer in more choices, movement & pronunciation to correct the technical hitches in the script.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.11.39 pm.png

Once it is all filmed, the final product generally takes anywhere from 7 days to 30 days to get sent back (if needed sooner, a priority fee of $50 can be paid).

You'll receive the following services as a part of the self tape package.

  • 1 fully edited showreel piece (includes color correction & sound mixing)
  • Important Note – If you are in need of additional showreel pieces, then they must be purchased at a discounted rate of $200 AUD.
  • Furthermore, if your partner needs their own showreel, they must contact me. I will book the studio in for a double session, back to back, & you’ll both receive a discounted price of $200 AUD each.

  • 1 hour time slot, filmed in a professional, noise & distraction free film environment
  • Broadcast quality film, with professional lighting & sound capture.
  • Uploaded into Google Drive or Dropbox. o If required on USB, it must be given on the day of filming. Will incur $10 registered postage fee.

  • Also, should you not have your own Youtube / Vimeo, Moment 2 Moment can create one and for you free of charge. (If you have your own account already, I’m happy to upload as well, free of charge, but you must provide access to your login details)

  • Finally, access to all the RAW footage is an additional charge of $100 AUD. This fee is because the footage reflects on my videography skills, and I incur a risk if the editing comes off poorly. Furthermore, it takes time to transfer it onto a hard drive & send it, on top of all the work. This fee will include a 1TB Hard Drive.


Initial Investments start at $250AUD.

If booking with a showreel partner, this price is discounted to $200AUD payments each. 

Extra add ons include.

  • Footed Mailed to you on USB - $10AUD
  • HD RAW Footage - $100AUD
  • Additional monologues - $200AUD (requires an extra hour per monologue)
  • Edited into an existing showreel - $50AUD 
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