Self Tape Audition Filming


As a professional actor, you know how long it takes and how hard it is to land an audition, let alone impress the casting director enough to select you for the chosen role.

Casting directors really do want you to be right for the role, often looking at 100's to 1000's of self tapes from actors nationally & internationally. It is a time consuming process where they look for any excuse to weed out the self tapes that don't exhibit the required care necessary with respect to their work.

They are looking for actor who have done the required research that understands the scenes arc & circumstances, as well as the qualities that the character embodies. This should be filmed in a well lit environment, with clear audio, as well as a tasteful, minimalist costuming - enough casting directors to be able to project their image of the character onto you. 

The self tape opportunity

With that in mind, the right self tape process that give you the opportunity to give truth to the script & strength your interpretation of the character to deliver a powerful performance, that will maximise your chances of being entertain the gatekeeper to be cast. 

Moment 2 Moment Pictorial & Cinematic offers actors like yourself, professionally filmed and coached self tape services to make the most of your audition.

After a 1 to 2 hour booking, you'll have a professional self tape complete to suit, that you can provide to your agent then/or directly to the casting director.

Through M2M Pictorial & Cinematic, you'll receive...

  • 5 to 10 minute warm up
    •  Pre Film Anxiousness can hurt your acting performance and your opportunity to shine. Transmute that anxiety into passion & energy with a warm up, including vocal exercise, Alexander Technique & Meisner - according to your resistances on that day. 
  • 50 minutes+ of taping
  • Professional Actor's Coaching
  • Broadcast quality camera & audio gear
  • Quiet taping studio

You'll be working with a true well trained actor's director - Adam Marsh, who has studied in many well known acting schools, directed & shot feature films & is a working actor and director. No one is more sympathetic to the actor's plight, whilst working hard to help them overcome their inhibitions.

Self Tape & Audition Prices

Initial investments start at $100 AUD. 

Extras include...

  • Additional time
  • Pre-shoot discussion & script breakdown
  • Character analysis

Turn around time within 24 hours of shooting. Submit to your agent straight away.

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