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Capture the magic of your...

Event Photography

Do you have a special night of celebrations that needs documenting? We can create magical event photos for your event in Melbourne.

Corporate Advertisements

A well crafted advertisement can change your business completely, by positioning what you offer a solution to a pain point, whilst motivating your potential customers to purchase your services or products.

Acting Showreels & Self Tapes

The success of a professional actor is determined by their showreel & self tapes. Make the most of your acting brand & opportunities, by showing the professionalism needed to earn the role of your dreams.

Nightclub Photography

Every nightclub has a different brand. It’s important that your photos reflect your brand. Moment 2 Moment can help you reinforce your brand through A+ nightclub photos.

Narrative Cinematography

For every director, there is deep yearning inside to tell the best possible story.  And there is no stronger relationship in achieving this cinematic aim, than that of a director & his cinematographer. 

Event Filming

All events have a magic about them, that floats in the air, causing people to buy in to the spirit of the occasion. A well crafted even film, will get the patrons wanting to relive it all over again.

Or perhaps you need a splash of Narrative Filmmaking?




Script Development


What can you expect from M2M's Process of Filmmaking?

1 - Filming Pre Production
"Everything that happens before the tripod is set up" 

Creative Director of M2M - Adam Marsh (center) working as the Director/Co-Writer in the 2nd episode rehearsals of Pilot TV Production -  That's What The Boys Are For

Creative Director of M2M - Adam Marsh (center) working
as the Director/Co-Writer in the 2nd episode rehearsals of Pilot TV Production - That's What The Boys Are For

All film takes an abundance of planning, irregardless of what is being captured. 

This is what separates cinematic quality film, from recording off a camcorder. 

It also isn't simply rehearsing & discussing amongst the crew. There is much more at hand. 

Starting off with the initial brainstorm, M2M works off your brief's requirements. We discuss every inch and measure of your needs & begin a myriad list of creative ideas which can help you achieve the goals you are.

After the idea is picked, it then gets feverishly written up in the Production Bible -  a crucial and informative guide for everyone attached, that they must read in order to know what the end result of the film must be.

Whether it is bringing your business in customers, or sharing your wedding with overseas relatives. This means that every action, every word, every logistical plan has the end result motivating it. All of this goes into a 5 to 10 page FILM BRIEF, which is the guiding light on the production.

The film brief conveys..

  • The motivating goals that the film is released to audiences for (brand awareness, sales etc)

  • Where the audiences will see this film (online, desktop, mobile, theaters, TV etc)

  • The artistic manner that the film will be handled in.

  • Who are the intended audiences of the film?

  • The storyline (what story are we telling?)

Once the brief is created, it is then broken down into logical steps, to determine what tasks are needed for the film, what film equipment is needed, what resources are required to execute the steps & finally, how it these steps will be scheduled for execution.

Next comes the shot list, which is everything that is needed to capture the project. Finally, should it be deemed necessary, a casting or crew brief will be created, in order to find the right people to work with to bring the project to fruition.

All of this is geared towards motivating the camera choices for the film's tonality & style, as well as your satisfaction as a customer. 

2 - Film Production
"Getting on location & hitting record" 

Behind the Scenes of M2M Film Co's Production - 6 From the Pocket

Behind the Scenes of M2M Film Co's Production
- 6 From the Pocket

Filming is a challenge where every second counts. It's much like squeezing an orange. You can either smash it with reckless abandon & make a mess, or juice with technique and care to leave a clean counter top & a fresh full glass of OJ. 

From starting with a call sheet (regardless of the nature of the film shoot), to designing the camera & light setups, tackling the way the sound is recording, organising key crew & discussing the requirements from the point of view of sound, image, lighting, props, cast, locations etc. 

What this means is that very aspect must be dialed in, before filming to succeed.

the greater the preparation, the better the filmed result will be

On the day, the film production side runs like clockwork, thanks to the pre-production process as everyone knows what they're doing.

Cast and crew come in as planned on call time. From here, everyone sets up & prepares in autonomous groups (each being lead by the director, assistant directors & unit leaders). 

When the shooting time comes, each shot in the shot list (which has been painstakingly planned & discussed) is then creatively tackled by the director & cinematographer. Each will work with the assistant directors, who will then communicate to key staff in order achieve the creative result in a timely fashion.

After shooting each scene, we call it a WRAP and the files (both sound & video) are immediately backed up on location, onto 3 different areas to prevent data loss. 

Then we pack up and head home to the next area...

3 - Film Editing
"Adding the movie magic, and polishing it to shine" 

Cinemagic is created, not on set, but in the editing room. Good footage turns into great film, with the right editing choices including cutting, colour grading, sound design, visual FX & graphic design.

These choices are transformative in making your advertisement yield the correct emotional response in your customer, or your wedding film portray an accurate personal/cultural/familiaral spirit of your union, or your event film capture the magic & substance of what the event was about and how your patrons felt by being there.

Every aspect of the edit (colour grading, sound design, SFX, music scoring) is all catered for within your budget, whilst working according to the brief. 

We aim to make the film leave the screen with a POP. Exactly what your audience want.

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